Update 01 November, 2014


The package mentioned in my last post arrived safely during the week. I am flattered that Kaweco invited me to review their pens, and I chose the following:

  • Special in black with an Extra Fine Nib
  • AL Sport Stonewashed Blue with a Medium Nib
  • Allrounder in red with a Fine Nib

Along with the associated packaging for the pens, also included in the package was a full set of Kaweco ink cartridges, a full set of bottled inks, as well as a very nice printed catalogue.

For the avoidance of doubt, I am not being paid to carry out the reviews, and I will be returning the pens afterwards. I do get to keep the inks.

Once I have reviewed the pens, I will complete the current batch of ink reviews, then I will review the Kaweco bottled inks.

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