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Update August 20, 2015

I have returned after another posting hiatus. This has been a difficult few weeks – I won’t dwell on most of the details but one sad example was mentioned on this page.

I would like to say that the posts over the last two days (which finish off the last batch of ink reviews) plus this one mean that this quiet patch has come to an end. However, I know I’ve said that before and circumstances have intervened, so I’m not going to make any more commitments I’m not confident I can keep.

The plan in the short term though is for a another batch of ink reviews, but a small one this time – a trio of my favourite inks: Noodler’s Heart of Darkness, Pilot Iroshizuku Asa-Gao and Diamine Crimson. These have been my everyday carry black, blue and red inks for while now so reviews are long overdue.

Another problem has also emerged with the website. There’s nothing new in the Lifestream since 12/07, which in itself wouldn’t be a surprise since my online activity has been virtually nil. However, the posts that I made yesterday and today should have appeared (along with the Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter syndications) but there is nothing. The Lifestream plugin shows no errors, and I’ve run the update script manually, but still nothing shows. No events are showing on the Lifestream page either. While it has been a constant battle keeping this plugin going, mostly because services keeping changing their APIs or closing their RSS services, nothing like this has happened before where everything suddenly stopped working. My best guess is that a recent update to WordPress has finally broken the plugin, which hasn’t been maintained in over 2 years. So I now have a dilemma. Should I try to repair the plugin or look for another solution? At the moment I am undecided, but for the time being the Lifestream widget will be removed and a note will be put on the Lifestream page.

Finally Shaarli, (the bookmarking application I use) won’t accept new bookmarks. This appears to be due to a mod_security issue on the web host. I’ll need to file a support ticket. It’s one more annoyance I could have well done without.