My name is Terry Finney, and this is my Blog. That looks ominously like the start of a confession.

Originally from Stoke-on-Trent, I have lived in East London for over 30 years. A horticulturist by profession, in my spare time I like messing around with computers and gadgets, taking the occasional photo, watching Movies and TV (yes, I know that’s bad for me), listening to music and (more recently) collecting pens, ink, notepads and other stationery items. All this while on the never-ending quest to improve my personal productivity. I have been known to do a little bit of gardening when forced to as well.

If you’ve strayed in here by accident, then I hope it won’t be a completely wasted journey. Anything you find will probably be related to the above.

If you know me personally then what you’ll find here is the stuff that’s even too boring for Facebook. You have been warned.

Social Accounts

Speaking of Facebook, the following are my Social Accounts.

I use some of these accounts far more frequently than others. If you are trying to get in touch, the best way would be to use one of the “big three” (Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter). I have a very heavily spam-protected email address, but if you use it, please be prepared for a delay as I only check it every few days. I also have a contact form, which is the best way to get a message to me quickly.

QR Code - about.meThe QR code takes you to my about.me page which also used to be embedded below. However, the about.me format has changed and only a few links have carried over. The images which made it worth embedding have gone. I need to update the page when I have more time. I will miss the old page, and the new one isn’t really worth embedding at the moment.

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