I’m Late, I’m Late

White RabbitThis has been a busy week. First I had a long weekend and last Monday had a trip to the Horniman Museum and Gardens. A new album has been uploaded. An interesting museum, excellent gardens and the biggest white rabbit I’ve ever seen. Plus proof positive that mattri are not confined to Walthamstow.

Pilot Capless Matt Black (M)The Pilot Capless from Cult Pens arrived and I have been using it for a few days. I had planned to write my first pen review today based on my findings. All the writing samples are done, but the photos are poor – too many shadows. I would have had more luck taking photos of a black cat in a coal cellar. Only the one on the left came close to being usable, and even the focus on that could be better. The remaining photos would have given a false impression of the pen, so I need to try again and won’t be able to do that until next weekend. Hopefully the results will be better next time.

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