Fantasia on a Theme of Twenty Fourteen

The quest for the new Theme is over. After spending what felt like an eternity reviewing lots of different responsive themes, I finally settled on – wait for it – “Twenty Fourteen”. The view on Mobile devices really swung it for me. However, not content with that, I wanted to put my own stamp on it and in celebration of the fine Spring weather here at the moment, I decided to create my own “Fantasia on a Theme of Twenty Fourteen”.

Well, that was the plan. The stock Twenty Fourteen is quite dour, all that black and green, but no combination of Spring colours I came up with looked half way decent. So I threw that idea out of the window. My next few attempts ended up looking far too much like other mods of Twenty Fourteen out there. Quickly going nowhere, I started a web search for colours I liked the look of and finally found inspiration with a couple of paint colours on an old Art Deco paint palette – no surprise then that it looks a little old-fashioned. So here we are – hardly Spring-like, but I’m happy with it. At least until I see something I like more. I’ve spent more time that anticipated recreating my old customizations, or modifying them to the new theme, but that comes with the territory. Still need to tweak a few things, like the pagers (again) which I’m not happy with at the moment. I’m also trying to get my head around the “Featured Image” which I’d never really considered before. In the case of this post it was downloaded from Pixabay.

As the title of this post is completely misleading, I will finish with a real work of art (one of my favourite bits of English Pastoral).

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