Diamine 150th Anniversary Tropical Green Ink Review

Diamine 150th Anniversary Tropical Green

This is the eighth and final in this batch of ink reviews, for Diamine 150th Anniversary Tropical Green ink.

The name of this ink evokes lush vegetation, although the actual colour is darker than I personally would expect a tropical green to be.

The ink cost £7.75 (including VAT), for a 40ml bottle, from a UK supplier, which along with the other inks in this series I would class as moderately priced.

I gave descriptions of the box and bottle of the 150th Anniversary series in my review of Diamine Anniversary 1864 Blue Black Ink, so I won’t repeat them here. The only difference is that the backgrounds of the box and bottle labels are a close approximation of the Tropical Green ink colour.

The test pen in this case was the Pilot MR White Tiger with a medium nib.

This ink showed minimal water resistance and water drops obliterated text easily. Cleaning the test pen was easy. Drying time was around 20 seconds.

Rhodia Dot Pad No 16

Diamine Anniversary Tropical Green - Rhodia Dot Pad

The flow was excellent on this paper which led to a lot of ink being put down resulting in a very dark green colour which is almost black in places. I really like this effect. The downside is that this ink smudged quite easily.

Ryman Memo Block 9cm x 9cm

Diamine Anniversary Tropical Green - Ryman Memo Block

Good flow again but not quite as dark – the feathering is disappointing though.

Yellow Post-It

Diamine Anniversary Tropical Green - Post-It

Much lighter on the yellow Post-It.

Field Notes – Pitch Black

Diamine Anniversary Tropical Green - Field Notes

Feathering and bleeding but not too bad overall. Lighter again on this paper.

Mnemosyne Word Card

Diamine 150th Anniversary Tropical Green - Word Card

This gives a good idea of the shading this ink is capable of.


I really like this green ink and the range of shading is a nice bonus: I will be using it again in the future. Whether the smudging and feathering will prove to be much of a problem in future only time will tell.

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