Recent Links April 26, 2014

A (roughly) weekly summary of posts I’ve bookmarked to Delicious.

The More Things Change

I hadn’t actually planned to make a full blog post this weekend, but inspiration comes from the oddest places. I had wanted just to take a few more photos for the Inkpourium. However, I was becoming increasingly unhappy with the variation in the photos (both in exposure and colour balance ). When looking at the photos in isolation, it wasn’t to apparent, but when looking at so many side by side, the variation was becoming absurd – the real giveaway is the background (i.e. my desk).

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Introducing the Inkpourium

I’m starting to catalogue my pens, inks, and related items, and the photos are going into a Flickr Photoset, which keeps them separate from the scans for the ink reviews and my other photos. This photoset can also be accessed through the “Inkpourium” page. The dependent pages filter out the relevant tagged photos and will be added to as the collection expands. Look at the pages and you’ll soon get the picture (boom, boom).

The Flickr widget stream had become a mess so I’ve replaced it with one just for the Inkpourium tagged images.

Unfortunately Flickr tagging appears to be badly broken at the moment which means that some tagged photos may not appear when they should, even though they have been properly tagged. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.