Resources Page

A shorter post this week. I’m working on a Resources Page which has a series of links to sites that I find useful or interesting. The list is mainly an import of the sites I read on Tiny Tiny RSS.

I’m not impressed with the way WordPress manages links, so it comes as no surprise that this feature is now deprecated in new installs. If there was any easy way to categorize batches of links quickly I would have finished by now.

In putting the page together I had to set up a page template and a custom theme (the latter because the Jetpack Custom CSS editor wouldn’t play nice). Now both are done I suppose it will be easier to make my own modifications in future.

According to the Internet, this is a Lifestyle Blog, rather than a Niche Blog. Also according to the Internet (and I’m paraphrasing now), if you want to be read, then you should set up a Niche Blog and not a Lifestyle Blog. This is a tremendous relief. I’d hate to think anyone was actually reading this.

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