Ink Collection Page

My ink collection page is now online here: Ink Collection

It currently lists only bottled inks. I do have a number of cartridges, but they are not one of my main areas of interest, so while they may be added later that is not a high priority.

Pens and notebooks should get their own pages later.

The table was generated from a simple Excel spreadsheet so it will need updating manually when new inks are added. One day I may turn it all into a real database to enable filtering, sorting and immediate updates, but that’s low priority too.

3 thoughts on “Ink Collection Page”

  1. texaskidd texaskidd says:

    The link doesn’t appear to be working 🙁

    1. Terry Finney Terry Finney says:

      Thanks for flagging this up. The original link was to which redirected in my browsers correctly to I’ve now updated the original link to the longer form so hopefully it will now work. Otherwise please try the Ink Collection menu item under Collections.

  2. texaskidd texaskidd says:

    Thanx Terry 🙂

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